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Say Something, See Something, Be Present

Communicate in a controlled environment. See things through the eyes of others or share what you see.  Never miss a moment.

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After listening to parents, business owners and their employees, athletes, and other various groups, we decided that effective communication is essential and wanted to offer a more efficient, affordable option. 

Evince is designed with all users in mind. If you can see something, Evince allows others to see it as well in real time. If you want to say something, our app allows you to choose precisely who reads it, (to read our Privacy Policy follow the link Privacy Policy | Evince LLC ( If you need to alert an individual or group, Evince enables you to do so as well. 

No high fees, no long-term commitments.

Pay $2.99 per month for unlimited streaming, messaging and notifications, cancel any time, (for additional information on the terms of use Terms of Use | Evince LLC (

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Be in the moment

We are proud to provide a platform where we can solve some of the challenges of today's busy world. Be where you need to be while being present where you are!

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Say Something

Evince allows communication within controlled groups as well as one on one.  There are 4 group types: Team Leader, Team Member, Family Member and Fan.  The Team Leader controls the entire process.

See Something

Evince allows users to livestream whatever they see. Your audience is controlled by you, open to only a private group, or for everyone to see. Never miss a minute of live games, concerts, recitals, business meetings and more!

Be Present

Evince allows users to be everywhere in real time.  Team Leaders can ensure their team members get critical information in a private network, as well as show, through photo and live streaming, whatever they desire.  Never miss a minute.  Be Present!

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It was great to be able to watch my grandson play sports regardless of where he was travelling.

Eugene, Washington

We finally knew where to be, when to be there and could always find someone streaming to be able to watch whenever practicing or live

Macon, GA

Love the ability to privately communicate with those in our group! The one on one and group features definitely streamlined our business

Pittsburg, PA

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